How To Describe the Mustache Rangers to your Friends

Performer, playwright and long-time arts and culture journalist Max Sparber made it out to the Mustache Rangers live show last week. He then went about writing the best article about the Mustache Rangers ever for MinnPost.

Most articles about Twin Cities improvisation tend to boil down to “sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it isn’t.” Max went many steps further and took in the show like it was actually legitimate theater. And it may surprise some people, but improv is legitimate theater.

The article really gives a feel for what a Mustache Rangers live show show is like, it’s characters, and how it comes together. If you have ever been at a loss for words when telling your friends about the Mustache Rangers, you can scoop up some of Max’s words and put them into your mouth to help you out.

We would like to thank Max for the very excellent article. And we would like you, reading this. Yes, you. We can hear you breathing. We would like you to pass on this article to anyone you’re trying to convince to see our show. And, of course, read it yourself. And read Max’s other articles at MinnPost.

Also, we love you. Come to the show tonight, darling. HUGE Improv Theater. 8pm. $5.

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