Join America’s space conquerors! Become a cadet in the Mustache Rangers! Joining is easy! Simply send an electro-mail to containing a picture of you as a hopeful cadet!

Picture must include:

Pictures of all new recruits will be displayed here so the enemy will know that our numbers are indeed great!

Joe Bozic: Cadet 001Jill Bernard: Cadet 002Martin Sanders: Cadet 003Wesley Schaefer: Cadet 004Troy Zimmerman: Cadet 005Josh Stephenson: Cadet 006Miranda Richards: Cadet 007Cliff Mathieson: Cadet 008Marty Martucci: Cadet 009Eric Knobel: Cadet 010Octavia Martucci: Cadet 011Sarah Yaekel: Cadet 012B. Lee: Cadet 013Anna Weggel: Cadet 014Andy Lechner: Cadet 015Terry Flint: Cadet 016Irene: Cadet 017Brian, Jordan, and Russel: Cadet 018-019-020Zed: Cadet 021Aaron Carter: Cadet 022Cory Forrest: Cadet 023Sarah: Cadet 024Lexi Martucci: Cadet 025