The Mustache Rangers Theme Contest

The Mustache Rangers have been traveling around space for a very long time. Musical styles have changed and updated, as they shouldn’t but do. The Mustache Rangers are proud to be coming out of the past closet of the past and moving into the sitting room of the future ages.

Mustache Rangers Central Command is hereby announcing a contest to rearrangemix the Mustache Rangers theme song. The most talented updates to the Mustache Rangers theme will be played during the beginning of the Mustache Rangers interpod netcasts. Credit will be given to the mighty music modulator and their endeavors.

The Mustache Rangers theme is Smiles and Chuckles(right-click and “Save As..” to download) by the Six Brown Brothers. Thanks be to Folded Space for providing the MP3 version of the music.

What are you waiting for? The future is now, as we’ve heard. Send your winningest entry to for harsh judgment.

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