The Mustache Rangers and PowerPoint Karaoke

As fortune would have it, Fes of the Webcast Beacon Network decided to tape the final three Mustache Rangers stage shows for a video project he is starting. What that means is everyone who doesn’t live in Minnesota or wasn’t able to make it to a sold out show can enjoy the Mustache Rangers from the comfort of wherever they sit or lay or stand when they watch videos!

This is the third to last show, where Melissa Kaercher of Theater Arlo put together a special PowerPoint Karaoke deck for the Mustache Rangers to present! It’s not your typical Mustache Rangers show. There is a lot less sitting in chairs. But it was amazing fun.

You can also check out PowerPoint Karaoke in the 2014 Twin Cities Fringe Festival.
But enough words. Here is the video for your enjoyment! Share, if you like it.

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