Holiday Cards: Podcast Episode 256

The Mustache Rangers PodcastCards, books, and money. Isn’t that really what the holidays are about? You receive cards that look good on your mantel until the year rolls over. You receive books that you’ll never read. Or you get a card full of money. Really, those are the only three options.

Sure, there may be a bike thrown in for good measure when you’re younger. But beyond that, even as a baby who can’t read you get books. Why all the books, adults? We know that rabbits are furry. Do we really need Pat the Bunny to tell us this? If you can’t tell from looking at it that bunnies are soft, then you’re in for a lifetime of hardships. Or soft ships.

You probably don’t want to use soft ships, or “rafts” as they are most commonly known. At least, not on the ocean. A raft is like a serving platter for sharks.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, the podcast. Listen to the new podcast. It’s about the holidays, we think. And happy Terrance Day to you.

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