Fan Art: Christopher Jones and Melissa Kaercher

Mustache Rangers from Christopher Jones and Melissa KaercherAt long last, wizards Christopher Jones and Melissa Kaercher have captured the Mustache Rangers and shrunk them into tiny hand painted plastic avatars.

This has been a lie, for your entertainment. These two talented creatures are not wizards, but human beings with skills in the graphical arts. The tiny hand painted plastic avatars bit was not a farce, as you can see by the picture. We apologize. We should have made our lies and not lies more clear.

Christopher and Melissa have done art for comics such as Dr. Blink: Superhero Shrink and many others. We are not here to makes lists for you. We have provided you links to their websites. Be not lazy and check out their impressive portfolios yourselves.

Thank you, kind wizards, for returning the Mustache Rangers to their correct fleshy feel and size. Did we say that Christopher and Melissa were not wizards? That was a lie!

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