Twin Cities Improv Festival 3 is Here!

It’s that time of the year again. Time to turn your eyes towards the Brave New Workshop. It’s time for the third annual Twin Cities Improv Festival. That is correct. The Twin Cities Improv Festival starts this evening and runs through Sunday, June 28th (when the Mustache Rangers perform live for your enjoyment). So cancel […]

The Mustache Rangers Burp: Episode 112

It is a little known fact that everybody burps. If you have never heard someone burp, chances are they actually disguised it as talking. Listen closely the next time you have a conversation with this non-burper, and call them out loudly if you suspect one of their words is fulled by a burp. That will […]

Improv, iTunes, and the Wiki

Twin Cities Improv Festival

Announcement number one! The Mustache Rangers will be performing at the Twin Cities Improv Festival on June 28th. Check out the website for tickets and information on the plethora of other improv artists performing at the festival. Announcement number two! It isn’t really an announcement. We just wanted to bug you some more about rating […]

The Mustache Rangers Correct: Episode 111

The spine is a mystery. It isn’t, really. But it can certainly be a sticky wicket at times. It is inside the body, which is the first problem. Fixing the spine isn’t like getting an eyelash out of your eye. There are few advantages to having an exoskeleton, but easy spine fixing seems like one […]