Podcast Episode 250 Live

The video (or, still frames with audio) is up! The audio version of the podcast will be coming in the next day or two. Thanks to everyone who watched episode 250 live!

Also, you can skip to the performance about 18 minutes it. Or you can watch the whole thing and get a peek into how we warm up and put on our mustaches.

Video streaming by Ustream


  1. Victoria says

    Hi guys! We are Erik and Victoria of Tacoma, Washington, we love listening to the podcast and we watched your streaming show tonight together so whatever single-digit numbers you think you had… add one more to whatever the total was!! Woo!! Great show!!

  2. says

    Wow, thanks so much folks! We were thrilled to have you sharing the experience with us. Hope the video wasn’t too jerk. We were using the wifi. Maybe not the best choice. But we’re glad we could show you something a little special for episode 250! Here’s to 250 more? Man, that’s a lot more.

  3. Joel says

    It always feels so weird to see you guys without the mustaches. Here’s to another 250 episodes!


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