The Desolation of the Mustache Rangers: Podcast Episode 266

Mustache Rangers PodcastThis is the second to last episode of the Mustache Rangers podcast. It’s about doing the laundry. Sort of. Enjoy it or don’t. It’s all the same to the universe.



  1. rodgerdodger says

    Is the website going to stay up? Is there a file listing somewhere where I could download all the episodes for posterity should the worst happen? The “new” format for the archive makes it difficult to jump to the episode of interest and save copies, and I’d hate to lose all those moments with Phooneybaum and the Commander Major.

  2. says

    The website will certainly stay up. The best way to get all the files is to subscribe to the RSS feed or in iTunes. I think you can instruct whatever podcast catcher you’re using to download everything.

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