Can’t Imagine: Podcast Episode 246

We know what you’re thinking. Where have you been, Mustache Rangers? But you thought it with a real twinge of attitude, so we won’t answer you. Next time, when you think of something you might possibly ask, you had better check yourself before you Rex Urselph. Don’t know how that phrase became so popular. Anyway. […]

Jasmine Memories: Podcast Episode 245

Scents and tastes can strongly evoke memories and emotions. But can a taste take a memory away? Probably not. But that won’t stop the Mustache Rangers from going on and on about it in this podcast episode. Honestly, can’t they shut up for, like, 2 minutes? Some of us are trying to sleep.

How the Bread is Made

We know! You hate this podcast drought! But things have been busy are Mustache Rangers Central Command. There is a lot of theater going on. We think it is some kind of virus. A thespian virus. Don’t let any actors bite you. Until a new show goes up, you can listen to Aric talk about […]

Tell It Again: Podcast Episode 244

Facebook is a giant waste of time, second only to listening to people tell stories you’ve already heard. If there were a way to monetize that, we’d be billionaires by now. But you can’t sell ad space in old stories. The Mustache Rangers tell old stories in this podcast episode. Enjoy it in your own […]

Advertise: Podcast Episode 243

It may comes as quite a shock to you that advertisers bend the truth to get their products sold. Or, it may come as no shock at all. We can’t assume to know your educational background. Do you know what badminton is? Badminton looks like fun, but it is terrible. That’s what advertising does to […]