Etsy: Podcast Episode 238

The Mustache RangersYou could make a millions dollars by stealing all the ideas that the Mustache Rangers have in their podcast. And then the Mustache Rangers would make those million dollars by suing you. But they’d smile while suing you. And really, isn’t a smile like a hug? Would anyone bad hug you? NO!

Enjoy this week’s comedy podcast adventure thing.

Last Resort: Podcast Episode 237

We really don’t know why you’re reading this. Podcasts are an audio medium. Just listen to the show already. You know these descriptions never have anything to do with what goes on in the episode anyway. You should have learned that by now. Anyway, how are you? It’s been a while. We took up a hobby.

Snap: Podcast Episode 236

Waiters, take note. You are legally obligated to pee into the soup of anyone who snaps at you. How else will those people ever learn to stop snapping their fingers at people? This is your duty, waitrons.

The Mustache Rangers deals with snaps and claps in this week’s episode. Store it in your brain.

Brett Favre: Podcast Episode 235

The Mustache RangersThere are certain things that Brett Favre is known for. Throwing a football, for instance. Or wearing rings, as an example. Today’s podcast is about the other thing. You know what we’re talking about. There’s something about Brett Favre.

Assume: Podcast Episode 234

Assumptions are what differentiate man from the beasts. Squirrels assume that tree branch will hold their weight. Humans draw a diagram about why a tree branch can’t hold their weight. Oh humans. Just jump!

The Mustache Rangers assume many things in this week’s podcast adventure. We assume.

Ranger Normal: Podcast Episode 233

The Mustache Rangers are back, and they’re joined by the crew from the Sex is Fun podcast. So prepare your ears accordingly. Perhaps you are at work. Try not being at work. Okay. At home now? Good.

In fact, if you need MORE Mustache Rangers this week, you can hear a special Mustache Rangers episode of the Sex is Fun podcast right here!.

The Sex is Fun podcast is dedicated to the rational discussion of human sexuality from the approach of fun, enjoyment and pleasure. We recommend rationality. It’s pretty great.

Enough jabber. Listen in!

Back Soon?

We’re sorry for the unexpected hiatus. Family stuff and happenstance. Don’t worry. We should be back next week? Notice the question mark. We are not committing, but hopeful.

The Pits: Podcast Episode 232

Nobody likes snakes. Even the dudes who wear snakes as a fashion statement are scared to death of them. They simply think the constant risk of death is worth it if a pretty lady looks their way. Bonus points if she looks their way with an expression that is not disgust.

The Mustache Rangers talk about snakes in this week’s podcast episode. Don’t freak out.

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