Read Reviews: Podcast Episode 120

The on line can be a place of confusion. Anyone can say anything, if they have purchased a government licensed SAnything Pass. And, really, who has the money to pay to say anything? The SSomething Intelligent Pass is much cheaper, but also labels you as a smarty pants. No one will date the SSomething’ers. This […]

The Mustache Rangers Track Back: Episode 118

Is there anything more annoying than having to go over the same ground you have already gone over? Yes, there is. But back tracking is definitely pretty annoying. Just because it isn’t the most annoying thing ever doesn’t mean it is a delight to you and others. So go ahead. Complain about it as much […]

The Mustache Rangers Plan It: Episode 117

When you are asked to view a police line up, always make to finger the wrong perp. If the person who wronged you is sent to prison, there is no way to leave flaming bags on their doorsteps or send them mysterious letters with pictures of their house inside. Jail is no fun for anybody. […]