Computer-pedia: Lineated Barbet

Lineated Barbet

The Lineated Barbet Magmahouse linen is a big ol’ bird that likes fruit. It’s a frugivore. No joke! It especially likes that stuff you get a the deli with marshmallows in it. But not the kind with grapes. It likes the ones with cherries. This one time, a Lineated Barbet was at a party, and […]

The Mustache Rangers Equip: Episode 156

If there were a world championship for stalling, the Mustache Rangers would win it. Too bad there is only a universe wide championship for stalling. It’s called the Uni-N-Stall. Dark matter wins every space year. There is another podcast episode for your ears this week. Put it in there.

New to the Site?

Hey there. Welcome to the Mustache Rangers website. If this is your first time here, then you might be overwhelmed by the large number of podcasts. Well, don’t fear! I’m here to help! Why not check out a few of our favorite podcast episodes where the Mustache Rangers pretend to be truckers, are joined by […]

The Mustache Rangers Play the Game of Life: Episode 155

If life is truly a game, then it is longer and more boring than Monopoly. Tell your sisters they should give up already, because you want to go to bed. It’s getting absurd. Honestly, everyone has 20 hotels on everything. Something is very wrong here. The Mustache Rangers talk about numbers in this week’s podcast. […]