The Mustache Rangers Sell: Episode 91

We know your kind. You are the kind of person who owns a mirror they purchased at a garage sale. Not only that, you have yet to take the price tag off the four year old purchase. Why do you continue holding true to an item that screams your laziness to anyone willing to listen?

In case you need another mirror, the Mustache Rangers hold a garage sale in this week’s fantastic episode. Enjoyt. That is “enjoy it” but mushed together and missing an “i.” Isn’t that better?

The Mustache Rangers Succeed: Episode 90

Success is nice to see, on occasion. It would be nice to see Tom catch Jerry it some point. And Heckle and Jeckle would have been thrilled to get some corn. Sometimes, seeing people or animated things happy hits your heart just right.

In today’s podcast adventure, the Mustache Rangers find moderate success. Hopefully, it will bring about the smiles your lips have been missing.

The Mustache Rangers: Episode 89

It has come to our attention, via our own observation, that this area provides little to no information about the podcast episode for which it is attached. Let us see if that can not be remedied.

This week’s episode is a free comedy podcast. Please note that “comedy” is not in quotes. Except for that one. But the one before it was not.

So, please, enjoy and share the comedy with other people who do not displease you. Our thanks. And enjoy!

The Mustache Rangers: Episode 88

We hope that your Terrance Day went well, and that you have purchased the correct amount of calendars for the coming year. We also hope you dream of things that aren’t monsters, because those things are scary and are a bad omen for the coming year. Science has proved it.

The Mustache Rangers smell things in this week’s podcast adventure. Enjoy it much.

The Mustache Rangers: Episode 87

The Mustache Rangers are back in action, with the help of their helpful fans. That means it is time for a new episode, just in time for the holiday season! It’s like a present! A free present that always has been free and is free again!

Donations reached to 75% of the goal, so there is still room if you would like to support the Mustache Rangers. Just because the podcasts are back does not mean the funding is complete. The Mustache Rangers just couldn’t wait to bring new episodes to the public. So enjoy the new podcast, and consider a donation if you have not done so yet.

Donation Update and New Episodes

We are a touch above the halfway point in our donation drive. The show of support for the Mustache Rangers has been fantastic so far, and we’re hoping to make up the final $100 dollars with your help.

But as a show of good faith, our replacement equipment has been purchased. That means we will begin production of new Mustache Rangers episodes as quickly as possible.

We are hoping that, if you have yet to donate at this point, you will at least consider it. The Mustache Rangers has been putting out this free production for almost two years now. And we are happy to keep your ears stuffed with adventures. But we are not too proud to ask for help.

So there is your not-so-funny-but-still-exciting news update. New episodes coming soon, and donate if you find the means. Thank you, citizens and cadets alike!

Pit Stop: Chicago

The Mustache Rangers will be making a short stop in Chicago this weekend to lighten to mood for the sullen midwesterners. While the Mustache Rangers generally save their good-time stage antics for the timid people of Minnesota, Illinoisians will soon be able to fill their heads with live tales of real adventure.

Here are your details:

Where: The Playground Theater
Address: 3209 N Halsted Street, Chicago, IL
Time: Saturday, December 13, 2008 at 8:00pm
Price: $10.00

And you get more than just the Mustache Rangers. You get to see three groups of performers who are not the Mustache Rangers. That’s a deal and a half. Or, rather, four deals for the price of one deal.

So come to the show, if live in or around the Chicago-land area. But be careful. It is the windy city, and a politician may just blow in your ear. That means they like you.