Mustache Rangers Classic

Mustache Rangers ClassicThe Mustache Rangers have a new podcast! Sort of. This week NoisePicnic, a podcasting network for creative and talented podcasters created by Aric McKeown and Mike Fotis, launched. And one of the featured podcasts is Mustache Rangers Classic!

Mustache Rangers Classic is a new take on the oldest Mustache Rangers episodes. Starting from episode number one, the audio is being cleaned for a more pleasant listening experience. The podcasts will also be re-edited, or edited for the first time, to make them snappier and more fun to listen to.

I know. We all love long awkward pauses. But maybe less will be better. And not “maybe” but “certainly.”

New Mustache Rangers episodes will continue to be published here, but for a trip into the pleasant past you should check out NoisePicnic and Mustache Rangers Classic!

The Mustache Rangers Sell Out

Starting July 7th, the Mustache Rangers live stage show returns to HUGE Improv Theater. Join the Mustache Rangers and special guests Deutschland as they bring you an evening of entertainment for the low price of $5.

But, hold on one second! If one of the six Mustache Rangers shows sells out, the remaining shows are free! So if the July 7th show sells out, then you can see the remaining five shows for the low price of $0.

Pass the news around. The Mustache Rangers would love to put on a free show for you. Get everyone you know to the July 7th show.

8pm. HUGE Improv Theater. Don’t miss it.

Fight Dragons: Podcast Episode 201

The existence and size of dragons are the topic of debate on this Mustache Rangers comedy podcast episode. Share it with someone you love. Especially if you haven’t told them you love them yet. And then they’ll see this message and be, all, like, “me too!” Or “I shouldn’t have made so much eye contact with that guy at the DMV. Now he’s sending me links to podcasts.”

Turn 200: Podcast Episode 200

Lefse is the topic of the hour for the Mustache Ranger’s monumental 200th episode. Listen to it, and then head on over to Guffaw to read an article on the Mustache Rangers. We know you like reading because you are reading this.

The Mustache Rangers Build a Fort: Episode 199

Bickering about anything is a talent the Mustache Rangers have in spades. And hearts. This week’s podcast episode provides evidence of that fact. Go ahead! I bet there isn’t one thing you can name that the Mustache Rangers can’t bicker about.

That’s what we thought. You gave up before you even started. How sad.

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