Take Flight: Podcast Episode 227

The serious topic of body alteration is used for the light fun in this Mustache Rangers podcast episode. Did you see that guy who put magnets under his skin so he could attach some devil horns? I mean, really. Come on, guy. Give that surgery money to me! I’d spend it on so much gum!

Anti-Comedy: Podcast Episode 226

The Comedy Album and artistic interpretation are the main talking points in this Mustache Rangers podcast episode. And the squabbling. There is always a bit of that, isn’t there? You think, over hundreds of years, you’d eventually work out the kinks in a friendship. The reality is, the kinks keep getting worse. It’s sad, in […]

Change-Up: Podcast Episode 225

Terrance Day is winter solstice tradition that keeps the Mustache Rangers going. Aside from a genetically altered panda delivering gifts, very little information has come out about the traditions of Terrance Day. Until this podcast! Bring your loved ones around the fire and listen to this holiday themed podcast. We think you might learn something […]

Turn Inside Out: Podcast Episode 224

Internal organs, what they can do and what they can’t do, are the pain topics of contention on this Mustache Rangers podcast episode. Now, keep in mind, the Mustache Rangers are not doctors. At least, not doctors in the traditional sense. If you would consider “someone who eats a certain brand of breakfast cereal because […]