Mustache Rangers Classic

Mustache Rangers ClassicThe Mustache Rangers have a new podcast! Sort of. This week NoisePicnic, a podcasting network for creative and talented podcasters created by Aric McKeown and Mike Fotis, launched. And one of the featured podcasts is Mustache Rangers Classic!

Mustache Rangers Classic is a new take on the oldest Mustache Rangers episodes. Starting from episode number one, the audio is being cleaned for a more pleasant listening experience. The podcasts will also be re-edited, or edited for the first time, to make them snappier and more fun to listen to.

I know. We all love long awkward pauses. But maybe less will be better. And not “maybe” but “certainly.”

New Mustache Rangers episodes will continue to be published here, but for a trip into the pleasant past you should check out NoisePicnic and Mustache Rangers Classic!

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