Here’s the deal. The ratings and reviews on the iTunes listing for the Mustache Rangers are lacking. Don’t get us wrong. We deeply appreciate everyone who has left a review so far. But we need more.

iTunes is how a majority of listeners find new podcasts. Ratings and reviews are how iTunes determines which podcasts they should feature on their site. So to grow the Mustache Rangers audience, we need more ratings and reviews.

We are looking to boost our current number of ratings, which is sitting at 42, to 150.

So, you want a reward huh? Well, we’ll give you more podcasts. You may or may not know that Computer has been calling folks. And he may or may not know that we have been recording these calls.

Well, if we make the goal of 150 iTunes ratings (don’t skimp on the reviews either), then we will begin to release these computer calls as podcasts for everyone to enjoy.

We know you’re already listening to the podcast. So please, if you would be so kind, leave a rating and review on iTunes and encourage others to do the same.

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